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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Soon in school - we buy furniture..

The summer and vacation at children comes to an end, there comes autumn Е And together with autumn for the majority of children there comes an inevitable duty to go to school. Therefore in the end of August parents feverishly start to think that, where and how much to buy completely to prepare dear child for the beginning of an educational season. Thus important not simply to buy everything, and to buy all as much as possible convenient and useful from the point of view of health of the pupil. The most serious impact under the family budget will be purchase of a desk and a chair for the schoolboy. Children's furniture in itself it is far not cheap, but the qualitative, beautiful children's furniture is more dear on the order. Therefore it is necessary to approach to the organization of a children's workplace with mind.
First, it is important that materials of which the table is made, were ecologically pure and corresponded to necessary norms. To be convinced of it, it is necessary to study the certificate of the goods closely. Especially it is actual for products from DSP or MDF. Secondly, the height of a table and a chair should be picked up so that elbows of the child freely laid on a table, the back concerned backs of a chair, and the legs bent in kolenyakh under a right angle, stood on a floor or on skameechke. Do not forget, that the distance from eyes up to the book or tetradki should be equal to length of a hand from an elbow up to a brush. Only in that case the bearing and sight of your child are not threatened with preparation of a homework. As growth of the schoolboy frequently quickly varies, there is no sense to buy a new chair every year or two. Will buy more economically dear qualitative chair adjustable on height. At arrangement of the got furniture in a room, parents should consider, that good illumination Ц the mortgage of good sight of the child. Therefore the table is better to arrange at a window so that light fell from the left party (for lefthanders Ц with right).
After school it is very desirable for first-grader to sleep in the afternoon as with neprivychki the children's organism will strongly get tired. And is high-grade to have a rest it is possible only on a bed with a qualitative orthopedic mattress. Instead of on an ottoman, a sofa or a folding bed. Parents sometimes underestimate importance of a correct mattress and think, that it is a whim rich. However a back at the child one and as in a dream we spend third of life influence "ortopedichnosti" a mattress does not need to be diminished.
Here all the most necessary subjects of furniture for preparation of the child for school, but besides it on shoulders of parents will lay down a hard problem to dress, obut the kid, to buy to it writing-books, writing products, a backpack and many other things... But when purchases will are made your child can to direct the energy on adaptation to school and reception of new knowledge. Qualitative furniture - health of the child!!!
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