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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The furniture from store carriages is invented.

The designer from Britain has developed a new kind of furniture. Armchairs-carriages and chairs-wheelchairs quite can soon appear on sale in furniture stores of the Great Britain.
Kolin Lovekinu from the city of Exeter was occurred with extraordinary idea. The 46-years British has decided to modernize ordinary store carriages which huge quantities annually bring on dumps, in furniture. The inhabitant of Foggy Albion has thought, that they can be altered and transformed into the present work of art useful to daily use by the person.
Such idea has come to the British at that time when, it prepared for the degree project at university. To the student, wishing to receive qualification of the bachelor of arts, it was necessary to think up something original. By the way, it was possible to it.
Lovekin has designed from carriages three chairs, one of which had twisted handles, kolesiki and a basket for various subjects, and a convenient sofa. Inspired by the first successes and the received diploma, the British genius of design art has decided to expand the experiments and now works above creation of the whole set for the friend. The master speaks, that in the near future it will necessarily open own business on manufacturing such furniture.
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