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, 22.09.2013
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Auction of period furniture has ended.

On August, 23rd Bonhams has lead new years auction, without restriction of buyers by the bottom border estimejta, and it means, that again all 200 lotov have found the owners. This time to collectors exposed various subjects of furniture, an interior and carpets XVIIIXX of centuries.
The assortment lotov, offered at the tenders, was enough obemen on auction it was possible to buy as pembuksky a little table (folding on four legs with two folding boards) from mahogany less than for ₤100, and a dining table in style an empire style for 4 thousand Thus, organizers of auction of a distance all wishing a rare opportunity to decorate the house antiquarian subjects of arts and crafts under the democratic prices. In fact it is indisputable, that antiques the best investment of means.
On auction it was possible to buy tables, chairs, a bureau, secretaries, cases and sofas. The prices for many of them exceeded estimejty in some times. For example, the round table from red and an ebony on four legs with kolesikami has been dearly enough sold. The art decision of a subject differs laconicalness and absence of superfluous details. At estimejte ₤8001200 the table has been sold for ₤4800.
pomio it has exceeded estimejt and the price for pair leather armchairs from a nut tree in the Victorian style. Preliminary estimated by experts of the auction house in ₤8001200 this furniture has been sold for ₤2500.
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