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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Convenient room for the first-grader.

Prior to the beginning of new academic year there were last days. Therefore, if you will send for the first time a younger member of family in school, it is time to take care of that the room where it lives, was reoriented from a nursery in "student's".
Style of a life of the child kordinalno changes, hardly it passes a threshold of school. Now its room will unite in itself functions not only bedrooms and game, but also a cabinet. The area of a nursery should be rationalized entirely, in it it is necessary to create a high-grade workplace because more often in a room of the preschool child there is no such subject of furniture as a desk. And racks if they are, are usually intended for toys, instead of for books-тетрадок that is why require transformation if it is possible. Or - for example, angular, enabling the space of a room is most high-grade to use additions with any curbstones and lockers. It concerns and to angular desks. Besides it, having put such table in a corner near a window, you will achieve correct natural illumination of a workplace of the schoolboy that is the extremely important for preservation of sight of the child.
Other sense gets also a colour score of an interior of a nursery. In fact, becoming the schoolboy, the child spends in the room of more time, than to the preschool period which for the majority of children passes(takes place) within the precincts of a kindergarten. Now at least midday it will be in the closed space, doing a homework, reading or being engaged in needlework.
Often parents would like to make a room bright, elegant. But it is not always correct: here it is necessary to consider temperament of the child. If the kid is quiet and counterbalanced, bright color spots - red, yellow, orange - will render toning up influence, that for the languid child it is necessary. And here if it cherezchur is active, restless, is not able to concentrate attention, such cold colors as dark blue and green, will help it to calm down. Manufacturers of children's furniture often use green which of all existing color scale is considered the most counterbalanced. But thus the general background in any case is better if remains neutral, and brightness can be allocated only to details.
If you arranged in due time a room of the child without taking into account features of its character now when it becomes the schoolboy, correct available mistakes, differently the responsibility for bad marks of the small pupil will be yours, instead of it. To make it not so it is difficult - simply remember it at purchase of new children's furniture. Or, if such purchase is not planned, hide bright color spots, having closed divanchik a plaid, having changed bright curtains at a window and having cleaned toys in the closed rack.
In that case nothing will distract, disseminate attention of the schoolboy during performance of homeworks. And skill to concentrate, to not distract is the beginning already of a way to success in study for all school days.
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