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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Furniture Kremlin wall for children.

To play with hours on У Spasskoj to a tower Ф and to feel У the Kremlin star Ф it became possible for children of the some people yasel and kindergartens, it is direct in a game room. Specially for them scientists-мебельщики have created "wall" in the form of... The Kremlin.
According to one of the Russian educational programs to bring up patriotism at children of preschool establishments it is necessary not only through stories, books and cinema, but also by means of an interior and furniture. But till now in preschool establishments were everywhere limited to colourful lists of tables, chairs and walls on a theme of the Native land, key historical events. But now to help children will become patriots also unusual "wall" in the form of the Kremlin. Have created its scientists-мебельщики on one of situated near Moscow furniture factories specially for preschool establishments. У Wall Ф capacious enough (three meters at length, 1,7 Ч in height and 0,35 in depth), here again it is possible to place board games, soft toys, books. Besides it, it can be used in in alive ugoloke (to put pots with colors, cells for birds, hamsters and other living creatures). But the most important Ч can be used new furniture for games. By the way, У the Kremlin wall Ф as experiment have already put in several kindergartens and a day nursery. Children have remained are happy.
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