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Orthopedic mattresses. A brief rate for the buyer.

In this clause orthopedic mattresses, their device, advantages and lacks are shortly described. Having read through this clause, you learn(find out) the most important about mattresses, and can independently choose the model necessary to you. Mattresses happen spring and springless. Spring matrasypruzhiny share on dependent and independent. Dependent refer to "bonnel", it is a stuffing of old Soviet mattresses, and modern mattresses of an economy class. All springs are connected among themselves rigidly, have pressed one - were pressed through next. Orthopedic properties so-so, but for the price - a normal variant. Independent are absolutely an another matter. Everyone pruzhinka in separate chekholchike. Pressing one pruzhinku does not press through next. It gives orthopedic effect. Independent springs - a basis of modern mattresses. Orthopedic properties good. Independent springs differ on diameter of a spring: TFK - 6 sm (256 springs on kv.m), Multipocket - 3-4 sm (500-800, sometimes up to 1200 springs on kv.m). Advantages Multipocket: fulfil a contour of a body, excellent orthopedic properties More precisely. Hold greater weight (up to 160 kg on the person). A minus - high enough price. Advantages ТFK: the reasonable price (now it is the most mass basis for mattresses). Good orthopedic properties. A minus: hold small weight (up to 100-110 kg on the person). Napolniteli for spring mattresses From above springs put napolniteli which give superficial rigidity or softness. The most popular napolniteli: Penopoliuretan, artificial latex, foam rubber - soft napolnitel. Artificial. Cheap. Natural latex - softer, elastic and elastic napolnitel, is more comfortable. Orthopedic properties it is better. Natural on 20-60 %. Dear. A material with effetom memories, memoriform - a soft, viscous material. Reacts to pressure and warmly and for a second-other "remembers" the form of a body. Artificial. Dear. Effect: the raised comfort of a mattress. Possesses protivoprolezhnevym effect. A coco, kojra - rigid napolnitel. Natural. Inexpensive. The most popular kinds of spring mattresses: Independent springs + 3 sm of natural latex - a soft mattress. Independent springs + 3 sm of a coco - a is superficial-rigid mattress. Independent springs + 1 sm of a coco + 3 sm of latex - a mattress of average rigidity. Springless matrasyeti mattresses are done or of a monoblock of one material, or from layers of different materials. We shall describe properties of the basic kinds of springless mattresses: Mattresses from artificial latex, vaterlateksa, foam rubber, bilaksilasta, etc. - rigid. Good orthopedic properties. Are recommended people with problems in the top departments of a backbone, and also to children and teenagers. Good alternative "bonneli". Mattresses from natural latex - soft, anatomic. Orthopedic properties low enough. Exception - mnogozonnye lateksnye mattresses (Vegas В¦ 7). Maintain weight up to 150 kg. Mattresses from a combination "Coco-latex" - as a rule, rigid or very rigid. Orthopedic properties not the best. Mattresses from a coco - extremely rigid. Sensations - almost as on the boards covered by a blanket.
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