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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Buying furniture, we shall be cautious!

Is better to get furniture from the natural tree, covered by natural varnishes. But the modern prices not always allow to arrange an apartment "in kind". Even in dear sets of furniture only external panels are made of a tree. And internal parts - from the pressed materials containing pitches. But even those 20 - 30 % dopushchenykh STATE VOLUME of pitches which contain in DSP, too are harmful. Therefore all furniture should be completely covered by a protective film - a varnish or enamel.
At purchase of furniture there is not a complex test - get polochku and look, whether it is coated or by a varnish its back end face. If it is not covered-such furniture better to not get. If has cracked or vyshcherbilas furniture at you at home and the friable plate has opened, necessarily clean defect an oil paint: the film will not allow DSP to allocate harmful substances.
The furniture from polymeric materials should be maintained some days in an empty room. If such opportunity at you is not present, try to air often a premise and even to sleep in other room.
But if the furniture publishes a unpleasant smell long, it is necessary to address with claims to the manufacturer. Under the standard the furniture should not publish a smell more strongly 2 points (it just such which will catch a "unprepared" nose). With the guarantee coupon and the check it is necessary to address in the Society of consumers or the regional centers of hygiene.
If furniture at you self-made, and you varnish it (or paint walls, windows, doors a paint), keep in mind, that all varnishes and paints which you apply, are dangerous by the moment of drying and some hours or days after formation of a firm film. Later 3 - 4 days varnishes, paints do not allocate toxic substances. Therefore in an apartment 3 - 4 days are better to not be and allow to be aired well to it. Then it is possible to come back - modern polymers strong and after drying are not dangerous.

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