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Furniture BRW.

Furniture BRW is wide assortimentnyj a number of case furniture. In it ready walls, cases, vestibules, bedrooms, and also the furniture collections consisting of separate subjects are presented. The company constantly works above updating and increase in the assortment, let out production. The design of furniture BRW as is various, as well as assortment: precise lines and okruglye forms, classics and the present, traditional character and novelty. Various variants of colour scores. The decision of each collection is defined by tastes and needs of target group of buyers on which it is calculated. Firm style from BRW is a combination of convenience and harmony:
- Compactness and functionality;
- The successful thought over design;
- The big variety interernykh decisions
It is possible to take a ready composition for a basis, having added with its necessary subjects, and it is possible to become the designer of own interior, having created it from a furniture collection. Variants cover all residential zones of a premise from prikhozhej up to kitchen. Functionality and convenience of use are provided not due to volume of products, and due to the rational decision of compositions, the optimum size and the thought over complete set. Initially furniture of trade mark BRW (Blek Red Vajt) was issued and realized in Poland, having received greater popularity at buyers. In the end of 90th years the group of the enterprises working under trade mark BRW (the abbreviation was русcифицирована for the best perception has been created and deciphered as " the Big Various Choice ". This slogan in a consequence has found reflection in mission of the company. Our company " Furniture BRW " offers wide assortment case , kitchen, upholstered furniture. Furniture collections represent sets of separate subjects for premises of any purpose , and complete sets - the finished composite decisions. The company constantly works above updating and increase in the assortment, let out production. Furniture BRW - your choice!!! Assotriment factories BRW and where to buy furniture BRW:
Kitchen furniture BRW
Furniture for a bedroom
Children's furniture BRW
Walls BRW
Modular furniture BRW
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