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, 22.09.2013
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Ancient furniture on auction Christies.

On October, 18th one of the famous auction houses of world Christies will lead the fascinating tenders Important English Furniture devoted to ancient and rare subjects of an English interior. On auction in New York it will be possible to buy tables, chairs, armchairs, cases, the hills having the direct attitude to the well-known families and celebrated personalities of England of the last centuries.
The most dear lotom in the catalogue of the future auction will be the complete set from two armchairs for a hall of times of George II dated approximately to 1755 On a back of armchairs the ancient heraldic sign is engraved. The furniture is executed from mahogany by the master of XIX century. It is remarkable, that all over again these two armchairs were a part of the big set consisting of two sofas and ten armchairs which was the property of baron Frensisa Basseta (Francis Basset). Practically all the subjects making the complete set, were rasprodany separately on auctions Sotheby's in 1971 and 1984 At the forthcoming tenders to collectors will be exposed the remained armchairs preliminary estimated in 0 000-180 000. Most likely they become top- the tenders.
Another bright lot the Irish table of an epoch of George II. The rectangular table of the middle of XVIII century decorates a carved border with the image of birds. This subject of furniture with intricate figure was the property of the Irish collector. Experts have estimated it 000100 000.
The set from six lunch chairs entering into a three lotov with highest estimejtami, also should privlech interest at judges of antiques. It is supposed, that chairs 1770 will be bought 00060 000. These graceful and luxurious elements of furniture on gnutykh the legs, upholstered by dear fabric of white color, have been made in style of an epoch of the Lui XV and show top of elegance.
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