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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The convenient nursery begins with furniture.

Own vital space - a separate room is necessary for your child.
Any child should have a territory in the house (a room or a place for games) because each person, irrespective of age, requires privacy and loneliness.
If the child has no personal space and cannot be responsible itself for it it becomes useless and in other situations, showing uncertainty, fear, lack of initiative if necessary to make independent decisions, to be responsible for them. At the reasonable approach even in a small apartment it is possible to create a corner of the kid, using, for example, sliding or modular designs of furniture, a screen, game corners.
In an ideal the child himself should clean behind itself bed, place in places of the book and a toy. Therefore the door and boxes of cases should be such that it was possible to reach them easily, and also conveniently to open and close.
That your child felt in safety when you leave its one in, get furniture with the smoothed and rounded off corners. Also it is necessary to be convinced that the furniture is created from ecologically pure materials.
Choose furniture of pastel tones: blue, salad, beige. Scientists approve, that these colors uspokaivayushche act on mentality of the child, raise natural light exposure of a premise. But separate bright spots are quite pertinent also.
If you have got furniture for the child in 7-10 years it should serve to it before the termination of high school. Then it will choose, what to be to an interior of its room.
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Exclusive furniture