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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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" The furniture interior " will pass(take place) in Krasnoyarsk.

The international specialized exhibition, devoted to a wood, will pass(take place) in Krasnoyarsk on about. Rest from September, 27 till September, 30th. In it there will be uchavstvovat over 200 companies from Siberia, the Far East, the European part of Russia, and also from the USA, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, China and other countries.
In an exposition of an exhibition " the Wood. Derevoobrabotka " new technologies, the equipment lesozagotovitelnoj, derevoobrabatyvayushchej and will be presented to the целюлозно-paper industry. Already now such known manufacturers have declared the participation as Open Society " Krasnoyarsk factory of hook-on technics(technical equipment) " , Open Society " Majkopsky a machine-building factory " , TD "STROVEN" , and also the largest world manufacturer of full assortment of the equipment for derevoobrabatyvayushchej industries USNR (United States Natural Resources).
In an exposition " Furniture interior " - new samples of furniture for kitchen, vestibules, drawing rooms, bathing and toilet rooms, obivochnye and decorative fabrics, furniture accessories, subjects of a furniture decor. Participation of representatives of Belarus firm " Пинскдрев ", TD "Trust" , Open Company " Achinskaya furniture factory " , furniture factory " Столплит " is planned. In the business program of an exhibition there will pass(will take place) conference " Tendencies of development of wood branch. Problems and prospects ", presentations of new technological development for wood branch, a series of " round tables ": " Nature protection technologies in a wood complex ", " Quality management of drying of saw-timbers ", " Complex processing of wood waste (a bark, wood greens) ".
For the first time in days of an exhibition will pass(take place) session of Advice of wood branch of edge which members are plenipotentiaries more than 20 organizations of a wood complex, and also customs, the Krasnoyarsk railway, Management of Federal tax service across Krasnoyarsk region and other federal structures.
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