Furniture for a drawing room, hours

Floor hours «610-995»

Good choice of the floor hours executed from a tree, with ornaments, classical forms for yours gostinnoj or a cabinet.
Type of the mechanism: mechanical with trosovym podvesom weights, vosmidnevnyj a factory.
The case: Windsor Cherry
Dial: white, illumination: the case.
Fight: 3 melodies (Westminster, St. Michael's, Wittington)
The sizes: 2218148
Night mode: manual and automatic switching-off of a melody at night
To buy for 185620 rub

Furniture for a drawing room, cases


The excellent case from rotanga in style "retro" becomes an ornament of any drawing room, in fact pletenaya the furniture never gets out of fashion!
Color: a coco
The sizes: v.-190, sh.-100, .-60
To buy for 31904 rub

Furniture for a drawing room, cases

Case for books «KODA»

The bookcase weaved from rotangovogo of a tree. Delivery in the disassembled kind.
Color: brown
The sizes: .-90, .-45, v-180
To buy for 31712 rub
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