The Polish furniture

With 1992. The number of the Polish manufacturers of furniture regularly grows. If in 1992. In Poland was 500 firms making only kitchen furniture, in 1994. Them was already 1100.

In 1993. In the furniture industry 11 joint-stock companies and 605 societies with limited liability with the foreign capital, and also 31 joint-stock company and 1382 societies with limited liability with the Polish capital operated.

In the beginning 1995. The general number of furniture firms came nearer to 24 thousand it is necessary to note, that the branch is characterized by a greater production concentration ratio. Ten largest enterprises 40 % of incomes of branch, second ten realize 11 %, and incomes of first hundred furniture firms make 90 % of incomes of all branch.

The largest furniture firms in Poland are « Meble Mazurskie International », « Ft S.A. », « Furnel Ltd », « Bydgoskie Fabriki Mebil », « Swarzedz S.A. ». They are also the largest exporters of furniture. In incomes of furniture firms, which in 1995. Were estimated on 3,1-3,5 billion zloties, export makes 80-90 %. Poland belongs to three krunejshim to suppliers of furniture in the Europe and, obviously, the nearest years will keep this position. Sale of furniture in the West-European markets grew on 4 % a year.

The Polish furniture factories from the very beginning of process of privatization have involved interest of German firms. In 1992-1996. The state treasury has sold to Germans large pai (from 50 % up to 80 %) five largest furniture factories for a total sum nearby 20 million marks. Considering that Germany is the main commodity market of the Polish furniture industry (70 % of export), it is possible to tell, that such firms as «Schieder» or «Klose» have made favourable investments. Owing to strategic investors Polish mebelshchiki have quickly met crisis of the beginning of 90th years. Still in 1992. Slump in production has been suspended, and in 1993. Growth has noted been. The tendency to growth was kept and the next years. In 1994-1995. Cost of manufacture has (in real terms increased on 23 %.

Except for Germans, Swedes and Americans have become interested in the Polish furniture industry. Swedish concern " I " is present in the Polish market 35 years, and firm " Swedwood " belonging it is the owner of five furniture factories in Poland. The American firm « Schonner Capital Corporation » has got in the beginning 1995. 49 % of actions Velkopolskoj of furniture factory.

The Polish furniture is bought also by the Austrians, Dutchs, the Frenchmen and Americans. Even more often it gets in the countries Central and the East Europe. So, sale of furniture of firm " Forte " in the countries of the Central Europe and the former USSR has increased about 1,9 million zloties in 1993. Up to 44 million zloties in 1995. Import of furniture Poland can be named insignificant. Experts estimate it on 9-10 % of cost of a domestic production, and growth is not observed. The reason consists that expansion of the internal furniture market depends on growth of housing construction.

The largest problem Polish mebelshchikov is the increase in the prices at raw material, first of all a tree. Some firms had to limit employment and to lower a level of production. However recently the situation starts to be stabilized. Value of private suppliers of a tree grows, and a number of firms imports raw material from Germany and Czechia. Firm " Swarzedz " considers an opportunity of barter (furniture for wood) with partners from Russia and Ukraine.

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