The Romanian furniture

Derevoobrabatyvayushchaya the industry of Romania constantly was in transformation and development. The majority of the industrial enterprises has been created per 1960-1980 Modernization of the enterprises has begun after 1990 and proceeds till now. New factories, basically with the foreign and private capital, have started to be created also after 1990

Manufacture of furniture is the most favourable sector in derevoobrabatyvayushchej the industries. Again created factories with the foreign capital, have the modern equipment and technologies that has served creation of the big competition of manufacturers in the Romanian market. About 80 percent of made furniture acts on export. After significant decrease in manufacture of furniture in Romania about 675 million US dollar in 1989 up to 456 million US dollar in 1990 has noted been its significant growth.

According to data of the Romanian statistical bodies the peak of growth of manufacture of furniture has fallen to 1996 (+43,4 % by last year). In 1996 it has been put on export of furniture for the sum 507 million US dollar. The most insignificant gain was observed in 1998 - only +2,9 % (accordingly 2000 - +7,5 %). Thus the share of manufacture of furniture in total amount of industrial production of Romania was at a level of 1,7-2,8 %. In 2002 manufacture of furniture has made 785 mln.doll. The USA, and in 2004 - 1340 mln.doll. The USA, thus the volume of manufacture of furniture made 3,5 percent from all manufacturing industry of Romania. Export reached 4,4 percent from volume of export of all industrial products. The number working in the given sector makes 7,7 percent from all number working in industrial sector.

The basic consumers of Romanian furniture production are the countries of the European union where it is delivered more than 3/4 exported to furniture. Therefore at the present stage manufacture and export of furniture is one of the revenues of economy of Romania.

Export of furniture of Romania during 2000-2005 (mln.doll. The USA) made:
- 2000 - 444,6;
- 2001 - 500,0;
- 2002 - 614,6;
- 2003 - 777,6;
- 2004 - 1017;
- 2005 - 1550.

In 2005 it has been registered about three thousand the small enterprises working in sector of manufacture of furniture (2650 from them have less than 50 workplaces, and the others have 50 or more workers). Last years Romania has involved significant enough number of foreign investors in area of manufacture of furniture. Among them the Italian firm Natuzzi which invested 30 million euro in a factory-manufacturer of sofas in city of Baya Mare.

In 2005 in the city of Kluzh-Napoka (the central part of Romania) there has begun manufacture of furniture the Swedish firm Gyllensvaans Mobler. The new factory makes lockers, bedside-tables and bedrooms for shops of Swedish firm Ikea. Ikea has the trade mission in Romania through which gets furniture more than from 40 local suppliers. Simultaneously firm Ikea Swedwood has a furniture factory in the city of Siret (district Suceava) in which it invested 12 million euro.

Swedwood intends to construct the second factory, (also in district Suceava), thus investments will make approximately 35 million euro. The largest network of furniture stores in France Conforama has got in 2004 in Romania furniture for the sum of 30 million euro, and in 2005 cost of the furniture got by her has exceeded 55 million euro. Belgian firm Bellinea invested to Romania more than 20 mln.evro.

French firm Parisot has received from the European bank of reconstruction and development the credit in 18 million euro. This sum is necessary for the French firm for construction in the city of Tyrneven (the central part of Romania), two furniture factories. The general investments of firm Parisot will make more than 40 million euro. Except for construction of two factories, other purpose of firm Parisot is re-structuring and modernization of factory Mobilux which it has got in a Bucharest.

Austrian company Ada Mobelfabrik - the manufacturer of sofas and beds, builds in the city of Salonta (district Bikhor) a factory on this structure. Investments will make 15 million euro.

In Romania the furniture industry is one of few branches with very small import comparison with export. Import is limited to raw material (a building wood and plywood of different type, as for example: an oak, a sweet cherry, a pear, a nut), varnishes, paints, metal accessories, the equipment and installations. The structure of assortment of furniture in Romania covers almost all scale of the furniture intended for habitation, service, trading, socially cultural and other premises. In 2004 export and import of furniture were in proportions of 4,4 percent and 0,6 percent accordingly from total exports and import of Romania.

Import of furniture of Romania 2000-2004 (mln.doll. The USA) made: - 2000 - 70,9;
- 2001 - 87;
- 2002 - 103,5;
- 2003 - 143,7;
- 2004-190,85.

Stated above allows to draw a conclusion, that the home market of Romania is sated enough by furniture production of own manufacture which has a various degree of quality and is calculated on different categories of buyers. The furniture having high quality, is in demand among enough rich families and is exported from the country.

The prices of realization of furniture of local manufacture for territories of Romania the following:
1. A set of furniture for kitchen Ц from 200 US dollars,
2. A set of furniture for a bedroom Ц from 350 US dollars,
3. A set of furniture for a children's room Ц from 250 US dollars,
4. A set of furniture for a drawing room Ц from 450 US dollars,
5. A set of furniture for prikhozhej Ц from 120 US dollars.
6. Chairs from 50 US dollars.

The furniture of high quality of manual production has cost gostinogo or sleeping set from 8000 US dollars.

Since January, 1st, 2006 the Romanian furniture has risen in price for 10 percent, and till July, 1st, 2006 will rise in price for 15 percent.

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