Construction of furniture factory in Ukraine.

In 2005 in Ukraine in Ivano-Frankovsk the American company " Fleming " is going to enclose 10 million dollars in creation of furniture manufacture.
The investor has proved this decision presence of necessary conditions for manufacture of modern furniture in городе:близость the European borders and riches of a wood in Carpathians. Also director of the company Franklin Maklean has noted high professional skills of experts of furniture branch, it has expressed confidence, that the furniture from karpatskoj wood will be the best not only in Ukraine, but also in the Europe. At furniture factory 500 workplaces will be created.
The program of economic and social development of Ivano-Frankovsk for 2005 assumes assistance of city authorities of American company Fleming in realization of the investment project. Ivano-Франковский the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies plans to involve for performance of social and economic programs the international technical help at a rate of 5,3 million griven in 2005-2007.
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