Exhibition « Furniture of Russia ».

From February, 15 till February, 19th, 2005 in "Olympic" there passes(there takes place) an exhibition « Furniture of Russia » .ona the fifth year and all time in February is organized.
Here it is possible not only to look, what furniture now create from Kaliningrad up to Vladivostok, but also to order it directly in the manufacturer.
The choice impresses with a variety: from sleeping and kitchen furniture up to house cabinets and wardrobes, there are ideas on conditions of billiard, house bars, cinemas, there will be even a furniture for a beach, pool and for the ships.
Interested persons can simulate by means of computer -designers house conditions in advance, even before purchase of furniture. As it will be possible to see a design decor, various products from glass, ceramics, textiles.
At an exhibition will be about 300 Russian companies.
On February, 15th - from 14 o'clock till 18 o'clock, from February, 16 till February, 18th - from 10 o'clock till 18 o'clock, on February, 19th - from 10 o'clock till 15 o'clock.
:, item of m. « the Prospectus of the World », the Olympic prospectus, 16, SK "Olympic", an input from pool.
The price of the ticket - 70 roubles.
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