"Sotbis" has received for furniture of the president more than 10 million

Organizers of auction "Sotbis" in New York, having exposed on the tenders personal things of family of the late president of the USA John Fittsdzheralda Kennedi, have received more than 10 million.
Auction proceeded in current of 3 days. In total it has been exposed on the tenders more than 600 лотов-works of art, a photo, furniture, utensils and house utensils. For example, the secretary of 35-th president of the USA, inlaid by its monogram JFK, has been sold for 2 thousand. One of armchairs-rocking chairs which were loved very much by John Kennedi suffered from strong pains in a backbone, has been sold for thousand. Thus as organizers of auction mark, for many trifles admirers of well-known political dynasty Kennedi were ready to give practically any money.
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