Woodcarving on machine tools with CHPU

Woodcarving on machine tools with CHPU with application of a manual groove - that can give that to modern products "highlight" and at small expenses for manufacture, give substantial growth of profitability.

The equipment about which speech will go, in the domestic market has no
Analogues. These are high-efficiency machine tools SM600F4 which have
Four zones of simultaneous processing, than productivity is reached
Up to 1000 kv. Dm. Grooves in change.
The given equipment can interest as greater enterprises
Furniture and joiner's orientation, and beginners
derevoobrabotchikov because it has very short time
Interval of a recoupment.
We recommend:
-study real demand for products with a groove;
-choose assortment of products and art design;
-learn regional potential derevoobrabatyvayushchikh and the furniture enterprises;
-prepare qualitative advertising and own service of marketing;
Also earn on manufacture of woodcarving, pleasing consumers new
Design development with application of a groove.
The recoupment certainly depends on loading the machine tool (presence of orders). Settlement
Recoupment at 8 hour working day in one change - five months roughly.

You can make:
-unprofitable decorative elements from a tree, plywoods, MDF for
Case and upholstered furniture;
-сувениры:шкатулки, chopping boards, frames for mirrors, pictures;
-facades furniture with figured processing ramok and a groove on panels;
-panel, pogonazhnye products;
-precision curves and patterns.

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