Modern office furniture changes the kind.

Development of information technologies has strongly changed representations about office and its inhabitants. Now working furniture - not only an element of conditions, but also the tool serving to effective work of the company. It can supplement the general design decision of a cabinet, emphasize corporate style and the status of all firm. Modern world office design is an alliance of the maximal convenience, the perfect art form and the newest technologies.
Main style of office design - classical (or closed) is replaced opened: the greater area, is divided into functional zones by means of mobile or stationary office partitions. Special office furniture is applied to their equipment in style open space - easily transformed for creation of collective workplaces, more compact.
In the domestic market office furniture is executed in various styles: from classics up to minimalism. Classical office furniture is simple and clear under the form (has rectangular contours), logical on a design (table-tops lean on rectangular panels lateral stenok), has equal greater "wood" surfaces of table-tops and facades of cases, provides convenience, functionality and a cosiness (simple forms allow to combine easily the basic design with additional). In the Europe special success use minimalism and khajtek which involves also us. The furniture used in this style, borrows not enough place and visually facilitates an interior.
Modern office furniture is made of the most various materials. But superfashionable it is considered a combination of metal, glass and a tree . Practically all models from these materials are intended only for cabinets of heads, the personnel continues to use DSP and plastic. Are popular warm, light tone of furniture. At the Russian consumers such colors, as "nut", "beech", "maple", "alder" use the greatest demand. The new tendency - bright impregnations in classical office colors.
The big attention is now given a choice of working office armchair.
The ergonomic working armchair should be simple in management: all rychazhki - without effort to be switched, and the mechanism of transformation - to be accompanied by a minimum of movements. The armchair also should have a dynamical seat which is adjusted on height. Adjustment of a back on height and depth allows a backbone to relax. In new models of working armchairs the special adaptive support for a waist is stipulated. The dynamical working armchair reduces fatigue and meets the requirements of ergonomics. Change of forms of a desktop is marked. It is connected by that practically at all on tables computers cost. Novyetendentsii have allowed to create the profound angular tables of the streamline form which do work behind a computer more convenient as the correct width of a table allows to put completely elbows on a table and to avoid loading on a brush of hands. At the same time such angular tables allow to save the area of office premise.

To scientists it has been proved, that labour productivity of employees, whose workplaces are organized in view of specificity of their duties and personal predilections, on the average above, than at their colleagues sitting in standard premises. For this reason the Russian designers have declared war zakhlamlennosti and serosti .
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