The company " Sevzap furniture " modernizes a signboard.

Agency " Гради " has finished work on creation of a new brand for the Petersburg manufacturer of case furniture - the companies " Sevzap furniture ". The Primary goal of agency was replacement of the out-of-date image of the company " Sevzap furniture " on new, corresponding requirements of the modern market and values of consumers.
During work the platform for the future brand, reflecting its new positioning, values, style, mission has been anew created. On its basis there has passed(there has taken place) change of a name of a brand, firm stylistics of promotional materials, and also advertising idea. Now a slogan of a new brand: " Dominat - the Furniture of Northern Venice ", comprises the main mission of the company - to impart culture of creation of interiors of the European level in Russia.
The hero of new image of the company became pes breeds dolmatin, on a nickname - Dominat. Soon brand of the company " Sevzap furniture " predstanet in a teleether, the outdoor advertising and press.
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