Unusual armchairs for a puppet theater.

On March, 11th, 2005 in Irkutsk will pass(take place) the open competition on delivery of armchairs for auditorium of Irkutsk regional theatre of dolls "Aistenok" on change of old furniture which costs in auditorium from the date of the basis of theatre.
From the regional budget for purchase of armchairs are already allocated 612 thousand roubles. Competition is spent not only among suppliers, but also among manufacturers because for auditorium the theatre makes special demands to furniture.

Armchairs should be not only convenient for adults, but also have the mechanism of adjustment for children. "Aistenok" is a children's theatre, therefore administration dreams, that kids felt in auditorium comfortably. Even if the adult person it is necessary that for the child it would be possible to adjust height of each sitting ahead sits.

Installation of new 176 armchairs should occur up to the end of April - to the next festival of puppet theaters which will pass(take place) in June.

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