gostorginspektsiya Sverdlovsk area "sherstit" mebelshchikov.

In January-February, 2005 gostorginspektsiej on Sverdlovsk area checks of 13 shops of Ekaterinburg have been lead (shops, interiors-shops), realizing furniture, in 8 of them, are found out infringements of rules of sale of separate kinds of the goods.
proinspektirovano 857 units of furniture for the sum 6,0 million rbl., from them vybrakovano also are removed(taken off) from sale 82 sets of furniture for the sum 669,2 thousand rbl. (9,6 %) normative documents mismatching requirements. Pristanovlena sale of furniture for the sum 255 thousand rbl. without the documents confirming conformity of the goods to established requirements on quality and safety, informs.

On results of checks, for the admitted infringements to the administrative responsibility it has been involved 27 person, including 14 individual businessmen, 13 persons who are carrying out administrative functions. To heads of trade enterprises instructions about elimination of the revealed infringements are born(taken out).
In 2004 gostorginspektsiej 2 official complaints of citizens to infringement of their legitimate rights are considered and processed at sale of furniture.
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