In Novokuznetsk a sofa from a cardboard now you will not buy.

In Novokuznetsk have closed illegal shop on manufacture of upholstered furniture. Natives of Caucasus made sofas, armchairs and other bad quality furniture far from standards.
The underground shop on release of furniture worked by a principle: " a minimum of expenses - a maximum of profit ". Wooden preparations from DVP knocked together nails, sheathed foam rubber and a fabric and sent on sale. Cost samopala made from 3 up to 10 thousand roubles. Such furniture collected by means of nails from a cardboard serves long could not.
Persons of handicraftmen are not found out yet. During check at anybody from them it has not appeared at itself of documents. There was no also a certificate of quality on production.
The illegal shop worked in city about one month. Production was on sale basically through the city markets. The buyer came to a shop, on samples chose the necessary model and a variant of a upholstery. Within day in shop created something similar and delivered to the customer. That the furniture can be hammered together in the next street, the buyer, as a rule, and did not guess.
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