Factory the Cascade-furniture will soon take down(soon demolish).

City authorities of Moscow have decided to improve throughput of street Sushchevsky the Shaft on sites near the Riga station and Savelovskoj estakady. Width Sushchevskogo of the Shaft makes 5 lanes, but at Savelovskoj estakady and the Riga station the street is narrowed up to 4 polos-it stirs to movement of motor transport, creates fuses.
Soon mistake of designers will be corrected: Sushchevsky the Shaft, there, where it is narrowed, will expand. Near Savelovskoj estakady for this purpose will take down a building of factory the Cascade-furniture , and from the Riga station will take away a part of territory of a cargo court yard. Will disappear and overloaded crossroads Sushchevskogo of the Shaft with street Sheremetevskoj. Here the small tunnel is projected, Sushchevsky the Shaft as though will dive under SHeremetevskuyu .
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