Sochi mebelshchik it is shot near the house.

In the evening on March, 1st Vitaly Sheveleva-'s corpse has been found in Sochi in the street Don souchreditelya by one of the firms, engaged sale of furniture under a brand "Shatura", and also the owner of the enterprise making and realizing kitchen furniture in territory of native city.
The death has come from the gunshot wounds, put to the victim, presumably from pistol Makarova. The murderer waited for the businessman about the house on a residence. As a result of V.Shevelev's attack has died on a place, suspected has disappeared.
At survey of a place of incident some sleeves from pistol cartridges of calibre of 9 mm have been found.
Now on the fact of death of Sheveleva V.V. criminal case under clause 105 UK the Russian Federation - murder is raised. Also signs suspected became known.
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