The house of the reindeer breeder-new a kind of hotel.

The hotel for inhabitants of tundra is created in microdistrict Finnish of city of Nadym.
The house of the reindeer breeder-it the standard inhabited complex calculated on stay 34 person. For visitors - double rooms, dushevye, and also the greater kitchen equipped by furniture, necessary home appliances and utensils. There is and sushilnaya a room for outer clothing of reindeer breeders, and also parking for olenikh upryazhek and burans.
In area Nadymskom lives more than three thousand inhabitants, a part from which are in city. Tundroviki come to Nadym to visit relatives and friends, and also to sell meat and a fish.
The new hotel has opened before the big holiday. On March, 12-13th in Nadym will pass(take place) anniversary, 10 traditional competitions of reindeer breeders on a cup of the Governor of Yamal. Next week to Nadym visitors and participants of competitions will start to gather.
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