Mebelshchiki Kaliningrad wish to propose Italians.

Furniture manufacture of the Kaliningrad area demands additional monetary investments. Now behind them to Italy the delegation Kaliningrad mebelshchikov and members of regional administration will go.
For the present moment in the Kaliningrad area work more than 100 firms and the private businessmen making furniture. Proceeding from statistical data, from all furniture made in Russia of six percent do in the Kaliningrad region. Approximately 20-ть firms earn from 500 thousand up to one million dollars a month, besides it, in the field of exist set of the fine enterprises with commodity circulation from one up to 100 thousand dollars. These firms give work approximately to three thousand person.
In Italy mebelshchiki Kaliningrad will talk about creation in the field of joint ventures on manufacture of furniture. Italians require new commodity markets. And the Western Europe they have already provided themselves furniture, and to move on the East easier and more cheaply through the western region of Russia.
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