Volume Dikson-surprisingly talented designer of furniture comes to Moscow.

The volume Dickson has no higher education. When its contempoparies received diplomas, the Volume played on a bass-guitar, arranged parties and drove on a motorcycle. The motorcycle has forced Volumes to master welding. Welding has appeared zanyatnym business Ч from scrap metal not dull furniture turned out. In due course not dull furniture began to turn out from any material. Chairs S Chair and Pylon Chair, created by Volume Dickson for Italian factory Cappellini, are now brought in all textbooks on history of design. In the end 90 Volume Dickson has gone to work in company Habitat and has deduced it from crisis. In the beginning of March Volume Dickson comes to Moscow to show at an exhibition У 100 % Design У the plastic sliding screens and bending curtains.
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