In Moscow the first museum of furniture Jaguar has opened.

Yesterday, on March, 9th, company " Independence " has lead presskonferentsiyu,
Devoted to opening of first museum Jaguar in Moscow.
For a museum the part of the second floor of interior is allocated. Here the detailed information on history of mark, on the first mentions on it in press, both stylish accessories and trade marks of firm is exposed. The exhibition is decorated by ancient English furniture and the subjects of olden time creating special atmosfuru and unique aroma of an epoch of the basis of elite English mark. A special ornament of a museum of steel of a picture of the artist-animal painter, with the predators represented on them: yaguarami , leopards and lions. Separate interest is represented with the information on well-known owners Jaguar. Among known persons - queen of England, Frenk Sinatra, Elton John, Georges Kharrison, Nicolas Cage and many other things.
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