The collection of baron de Rede will be sold from auction.

Sothebys Will present on March, 16th and 17 a collection of baron de Rede. It includes smart furniture, graceful figurines and set of other subjects of an interior and the design concerning to XVI to XIX centuries.
The fine set of furniture for a drawing room of a room can be got on this auction. The set consists of six armchairs, a chair and a sofa. Actually all subjects are kept in an original form, only in few places where gilding was erased was necessary to put an additional layer. The furniture was kept in an ideal condition for XVIII century, it will decorate not only a drawing room, but also any museum assembly.
Also the small figurine of a deer will be exposed. It is made of bronze, postavlenna on the wooden basis and represents a deer with fine branchy horns. The deer has been made in Germany in XVI century.
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