The Norwegian prime-minister considers, that the manufacturer of furniture IKEA - seksist.

The equality of sexes should be everywhere. So Norwegian prime minister Kell Magne Bondevik who in newspaper Verdens Gang has accused furniture giant IKEA of "sexism" considers. The Swedish company delivers instructions on assembly where men or "bespolye" figures as in comics are represented only.
Representatives IKEA have tried to explain to the Norwegian newspaper that it is necessary to show images of men to not offend buyers-moslems. In particular, the image of women with the rolled up sleeves or in a short skirt can seem offensive. But Bondevik has told, that is important to develop respect for an equality of sexes and in the Muslim countries. It believes, that there is no justification to the decision which has accepted IKEA, and it should replace the instructions.

Therefore the firm should be apologized. Press-secretary IKEA Kamilla Lindemann has told, that they will reconsider the instructions that in them between images of men and women there was an equal parity. It agrees that is valid men more.
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