New furniture project IKEA in cost in 2,7 billion dollars.

Having mastered the Moscow and Petersburg markets, Swedish furniture concern IKEA has begun the approach to the Russian province. Specialized trading complexes for remote places are already designed and is solved, that them 18 pieces - first of all in Nizhni Novgorod and Ekaterinburg will be constructed. The total amount of investments will make 2,7 billion dollars.
It certainly will harm to domestic manufacturers. First, the furniture market for a long time is divided - (and money) in it is not present free niches. And secondly, slogan IKEA " be easier - and people will be pulled to you " is not compatible to is grandiose-elaborate production which is let out, as a rule, by our factories under the Italian licenses.
Undoubtedly, it is necessary to sympathize with domestic manufacturers of furniture, and the companies exporting dear subjects of an interior from the Mediterranean countries. But an output from the given situation at them one: in a competition with IKEA it is possible to survive only reducing of the price and refusing in selection of assortment from "palace" style.
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