ROMUL 2005 has made amendments to furniture "Budget"

Since February, the furniture series "Budget" which are let out(are released) by the company
ROMUL became more perfect, remaining in the same price category.
Initially conceived, as operative furniture of an economy class, a series
"Budget" it was made only in one color "alder" with minimal
Quantity of elements. Now colour gamut have added popular
"Nut" and classical " grey an ash ", and structure of a series has increased up to 70
Elements, a series was added with new added modules, tables for
Negotiations and a coffee table of classical design. Using
Such variety, the client has an opportunity to organize office
Space to the taste.

Besides characteristics of furniture have improved. Edges
Table-tops shock-proof 2 mm now are protected. An edge of PVC, obverse
The accessories of black color was replaced with an accessories " under silver ". Earlier for
Cases transparent glass, now at will of the customer was used
The complete set more prestigious Ч tonirovannym is possible. As an option in
Structure of a series complete sets of adjustable legs for tables and cases enter.

It is necessary to note, that so essential modernization of a series "Budget"
Will not lead to a rise in prices Ч they remain former!

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