"Ivanovomebel" stops the existence - here will be located 2 new predpiyatiya.

Governor Vladimir Tikhonov has made the serious application for the further destiny of Open Society " Ивановомебель ". On the basis of combine close to bankruptcy two enterprises will open. Negotiations with potential investors have already passed(have already taken place).
For today the creditor debts "Ivanovomebeli" has exceeded 200 million roubles. Production is not issued 3 months. As the governor has explained, procedure of bankruptcy would deprive area of the enterprise. Therefore the decision was accepted, that the part of the areas and cases will be redeemed by the Polish investors who will adjust the manufacture on the basis of "eggerovskogo" raw material. 80 million roubles from this transaction will go on repayment of debts. The second investor becomes bank " Менатеп ". To it the most part of the area of combine and a production cycle, almost unique in Russia where made furniture of a file of a tree with high accuracy of processing will leave.

This plan will allow to leave a crisis situation, and the new enterprises will start to work in cooperation, but not stirring each other – because of a difference of used raw material.

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