Glass the-newest tendency in interernom design.

In an exhibition «-2005» in "Expo-ó«½úÑ", Russia and abroad participated more than 160 companies and the enterprises from Samara. They have presented the newest materials for construction and design of an interior.
C in interernykh decisions has very popularly flown down. Therefore products from transparent glass have exposed at once some firms. The glass furniture - polochki, etazherki, coffee tables, glass ladders and baths-aquariums is very beautifully and unusually looked. And dividing partitions and walls have started to do from ornamental stekloblokov. The freshest tendencies in use of glass in an interior - glass floors and ceilings. For this purpose the tempered glass is used only, and on durability a material check by means of a steel sphere which throw on a glass leaf from six-meter height. After such it is possible to not be afraid, that the floor will fail under a lot of people. And under a transparent covering it is possible to establish illumination, to fill color sand, to spread out sea kamushki-it depends on your desire and taste. The same can be made and with a glass ceiling. The square meter of such floor (without installation) will cost about 3000 roubles, a ceiling - about 2000 roubles. By the way, all floor steklit it is unessential - with decorative transparent inserts it is looked too very originally.
However the most exotic application to glass, have thought up in Samara. One of deputies has fenced the country house... A glass fence! So, dare! Your choice in your hands.
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