Now to designers of interiors begins to work easier.

The new version of the program for design of interiors was published.
The package "Vizikon" is developed for exact creation of the project of a premise (one room, some rooms, the plan of an apartment) by means of " the Master of projects " it is possible to carry out creation of the scheme of arrangement of furniture to project kitchens, bathing, bedrooms and other premises.
The base version "Vizikon" solves the following primary goals:
- Creates the exact project of a premise (one room, some rooms, the plan of an apartment) in some minutes.
- Places furniture and subjects of an interior in the set space, including projects kitchens, bathing, bedrooms, drawing rooms, cabinets and other functional premises on the basis of specialized libraries of the elements as much as possible approached to real forms and the sizes.
- Applies own structures in projects of premises (graphic files in format BMP).
- Carries out viewing the received results in the color volumetric image and supports entering all necessary changes into the project.
- Gives the report on the quantitative statistical information under the project (the name and quantity of the used elements, the sizes, the areas of a projected premise and so on).
- Gives various listings the project and keeps three-dimensional images
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