In America die because of hospital beds.

From the American hospitals withdraw hi-tech beds because of which seven patients already were lost. The department of a feed and medicines of the USA has revealed, that the beds- made by company Vail Products, are dangerous to a life even if them to use according to the instruction the patient it can appear in a trap. In a captivity at these beds have appeared more than 30 person, and those who stayed in a grave condition, have died. Three models of beds-murderers are a subject to a response: Vail 500, 1000 and 2000. Besides it, the Department of a feed and medicines has decided to withdraw from firm-manufacturer all accessories for this furniture, and also promotional materials.
It is remarkable, that on beds or in the documentation with which they are supplied, there are no preventions of potential danger of furniture. Corresponding marks has not been put and after several preventions to the manufacturer. Besides on site Vail Products also there is no information on a response of production, but is declared, that beds- " allow patients to move freely, remaining in full safety ". Representatives of the firm which are being state of Ohio, refuse any comments in occasion of proishedshego .

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