In YUgre the factory first in region on manufacture of plates MDF is organized.

On March, 25th in settlement Mortka of area Kondinskogo the factory on manufacture of plates "mdf-¼«ÓÔ¬á" has been entered into commercial operation.
This factory now - the unique enterprise in Western Siberia, letting out -fibrous plates of average density . It is created by Fund of generations Hunts- of autonomous region which has redeemed the equipment at administration of the Tyumen area. At this enterprise plates DSP and KHDF will be issued also. Besides everything, at a factory will adjust manufacture of the laminated wood plates of all spectrum of shades, baguets, plinths, front details of furniture. The given complex includes all technological chain - from preparation of a wood before its deep processing on ecologically safe technologies.
Already in the near future production of factory "mdf-¼«ÓÔ¬á" will appear in the Russian market.
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