The professional approach to an interior of a billiard room.

Any prestigious house, recently, has a special room which refers to « a billiard room ». The equipment of a similar room is beyond simple furniture. And on it, in occasion of the equipment it is necessary to address not to experts mebelshchikam , and to experts on the billiard equipment. The matter is that in this case, only the expert can prompt what billiard table will approach for the given premise and as the interior of so specific premise should be issued. All Here matters from an arrangement of the table up to a material of a sexual covering. The interior of billiard rooms as it is very specific and demands the professional approach. Materials of furnish of a premise, illumination, system of storage not cheap and billiard spheres, - all this the expert can prompt you Kiev only. And if to you have told, that through 2 3 hours per your billiard room will stand a professional billiard table. Can say goodbye from a threshold to such experts. Only on installation and adjustment of the professional billiard equipment leaves 2 3 days. And it provided that the sizes of a premise, feature of an interior and illumination have been coordinated in advance with the expert on the billiard equipment. Do not trust in laymans in such serious business, then will correct position much more difficultly and more dearly.

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