Velikolukskaya "Italforma" expands a commodity market of own furniture.

Open Company " Италформа " - the enterprise from 100 % the foreign investments, organized in September, 1997 at participation of the European bank of reconstruction and development, groups CURVET , and Open Company В« the Company Has leaked В» . It specializes on processing flat and release mollirovannogo glasses. Such glass is used in manufacture of furniture, the trading equipment, refrigerating show-windows, in architecture, construction and design of premises. In May, 2004 "Italforma" has begun release of furniture from glass and drawing of figure on it a method of silk-screen printing.

For half a year of work of Open Company " Италформа " has developed over 30 models of elements of furniture from gnutogo glasses and has sold more than 900 products. Now there is a work above a new series of elite trading furniture from gnutogo glasses which first model became a show-window "Drop". Soon this series will be filled up with models of the round, oval and angular form. Also development of a series of lunch tables (the tempered glass and chrome) and series of furniture from gnutogo glasses of more complex bends and configurations are conducted.

Splash in a commodity market of production grows out new advertising policy of Open Company " Италформа " - cooperation with magazine В« Furniture from the manufacturer В» and other editions about furniture. In St.-Petersburg, Moscow and other large cities of Russia of sale of furniture from gnutogo glasses of manufacture of Open Company " Италформа " are conducted constantly. Occurrence of stable interest to transparent furniture in the organizations, engaged realization of furniture in more remote regions - in Urals Mountains and in Siberia, encourages a management "Italformy" . Cooperation with the remote regions is now more perspective, rather than cooperation with capital furniture interiors which already were satiated with furniture production of domestic and import manufacture.

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