On a fire in furniture shop explosions rattled.

The strongest fire has occured yesterday (on April, 6th) in area Zavolzhskom in settlement Fishing. The shop on manufacture of case furniture blazed. Scales of a fire were so impressive, that the part of New city has appeared is penetrated by a caustic smoke. When profits firemen, the building has already been captured by fire, banks with a paint have started to blow up. Besides it, in a corner firemen have noticed a cylinder with prosir. The decision urgently to deduce people from shop was accepted. As soon as last person has left, were distributed, one behind another, three deafening explosions (it has appeared, that in shop there was not one cylinder). Those who has not had time to depart from a building on safe distance, has struck a blast wave.

The building has suffered very strongly: the brick wall in one place has scattered from explosions, a slate roof has dumped on the ground, a long pipe of water heating which passed(took place) on perimeter of shop, has bent top, has broken half-and-half and has thrown out outside.

In an hour fire managed to be localized, and then and to extinguish(put out). In total 10 tankers took part in suppression of furniture shop. State of emergency have been appropriated the third level of complexity (maximal – the fifth). The reasons of ignition while are unknown.

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