Dorotheum exposes on the tenders modern furniture.

On April, 28th auction house Dorotheum will expose a unusual collection of modern furniture and subjects of an interior on the tenders.
Here works Dzheffri KHarkorta (Geoffrey Harcourt) with estimejtom 2Ц2,5 tys.evro, and unusual leather sofas with the chromeplated elements, created Dzho Colombo (Joe Colombo) will be exposed sculpture Kleopatry. Actually each product of this designer of criticism unanimously recognize as a work of art. Dzho Colombo creates the informal furniture intended for the house.
Among things, zayavlenykh on auction, the greatest interest is represented with two tables. The first Ц Adolf Lusa's work (Adolf Loos), estimejt 28Ц30 tys.evro the Second Ц creation of Marseilles Breuera (Marcel Breuer) Ц a desk which experts have estimated in 5Ц6 tys.evro .
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