All about upholstered furniture.

The upholstered furniture in traditional sense is the complete set consisting of a sofa and two armchairs. Sofas concern to a sort of upholstered furniture, ottomans, couches, armchairs, pufy, angular sofas and other also. The upholstered furniture is intended for rest of owners of the house and their visitors and established more often in a drawing room. Supplements a zone of rest a small decorative little table.

Modern complete sets of upholstered furniture can represent any combination of separately costing elements, for example: a three-local sofa, an armchair and a padded stool; two double sofas; a three-local sofa also three armchairs; two armchairs, - and can form the whole conglomerate having the angular form and borrowing half of the area of a drawing room. You can choose the huge sofa consisting of six segments, each of which is quite independent thing and can be maintained as separately, and in structure of the whole. The upholstered furniture can be got as the complete set, and poelementno.

Sofas, and pufy sometimes equip armchairs wheels and then they can be moved and established in any place of the house. Such "mobile" furniture now in a fashion.

Before to buy the liked complete set, it is necessary to be convinced personally, that on it it is convenient to sit. The level of comfort of upholstered furniture and its price depend both on technology of its manufacturing, and from quality and a set of the used materials.

For sofas and armchairs natural materials are considered as the best stuffing: batting, felt, down and a feather. In mass production foam rubber and the made foam synthetic materials (poliuretan, a synthetic winterizer, etc.) are widely used. The upholstered furniture in which layers various materials settle down is good. In "stuffing" of upholstered furniture spring blocks are often applied.

The upholstery of upholstered furniture can be made both of a fabric, and from a leather. Modern fabrics for a upholstery are very various. It can be an artificial velvet or velour with special impregnations, a Gobelin tapestry, zhakkard, shenilla, etc. Nap fabrics which quickly wear out and demand careful leaving, gradually get out of fashion.

Upholstered furniture with a leather upholstery - it is usual the most dear and prestigious. The leather for manufacture of furniture is required high-quality, it is a guarantee of that the furniture will long serve. On badly allocated leather already in couple of years of operation there are cracks and attritions. Leather substitutes in manufacture of furniture for the house are used very seldom.

Mechanisms of transformation of sofas and armchairs can be different. In total them it is totaled more than ten, conditionally these systems can be divided into three basic groups. "Book" - the mechanism which puts forward half sitting and throws back a back. "Folding bed" - the mechanism which is displayed in a berth and is under sitting. Vykatnoj - when the plane is put forward from a sofa, and the difference of heights with the basic is compensated by pillows.

Before purchase of a sofa it is necessary to move apart some times it to be convinced, that the folding mechanism works well.

Covers for upholstered furniture will relieve you of monotony when it becomes boring and it will want changes. Demountable materchatye covers can be ordered together with furniture. Now in a fashion covers and a upholstery from fur and-ля the leopard or the spotty cow.

Style of upholstered furniture should correspond to the general style decision of your drawing room. In a classical interior with walls, sideboards, lockers and bookcases sofas and armchairs magnificent, okruglykh forms with wooden armrests or decorative overlays are well looked. In a modern interior subjects of easy, graceful design without superfluous ornaments are pertinent.

The color scale of upholstered furniture can be various. As a upholstery you can choose a bright elegant fabric of green, dark blue, yellow, red color or a natural leather of pastel tones of a бежево-chocolate spectrum.

Term of operation of upholstered furniture usually makes about 10 years, the exclusive furniture with a skeleton from integral wood, a leather upholstery and dear stuffing can serve much longer.

Some firms-manufacturers of upholstered furniture give a guarantee on all production (usually year - an one and a half) or on separate elements of a design: one firms offer 5 years of a guarantee on a skeleton, others - on a fabric.

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