We clean furniture - advice of experts.

Not polished furniture at strong pollution needs to be washed warm water and dry to wipe. Is not advised to use polishing means. On a matte surface they leave fat spots.

Ispachkanyj the polished case can be cleaned off kerosene or warm water with the additive of turpentine.

Fat spots from furniture can be cleaned off, poterev their talc. Or it is possible to boil a glass of beer with a slice of wax. Hardly warm weight to put on furniture, to allow it to dry up, and then to rub with a woolen cloth.

Upholstered furniture it is recommended to beat out, not bearing(not taking out) on street. For this purpose it is necessary to take catch a cold, to moisten in a solution (1 l waters and 2 table spoons of vinegar) to cover with her furniture and to beat out a dust.

The polluted leather upholstery needs to be wiped soft tryapochkoj, moistened in table vinegar and vodka in equal shares. To wipe it is recommended all upholstery, instead of separate spots. For removal of any spots from a leather upholstery in it rub kashitsu from potato flour and gasoline , and after drying clear.

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