Complex equipment of hotels by furniture "on a turn-key basis".

Eight known Russian suppliers and manufacturers of the goods for hotels have signed the contract about partnership. Their purpose - to unite efforts to give a full spectrum of the qualitative goods and services to various objects of accommodation. The initiator of creation of the union was company " Felix " - the manufacturer and the supplier of office and hotel furniture.

Besides "Felix" the structure of commonwealth included the companies « KLM Furniture » - manufacture of chairs; "Gartleks" - manufacture of upholstered furniture; « Charm of M » - manufacture of subjects of an interior from textiles for a hotel complex; « Weed Lajt » - manufacture of fixtures for the equipment of number fund of hotels; "kontraktstroj" - delivery and installation of systems of floor coverings; "neoart" - manufacture and delivery of pictures and posters; "neodekor" - the equipment on a turn-key basis restaurants and bars.

Participants of association offer clients of the checked up suppliers, and cost of complex deliveries will be not high because of system of the special discounts given by members of an alliance. A product of partnership - ready hotel rooms "on a turn-key basis" - are organized in a showroom of an industrial-warehouse complex of company " Felix ".

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