Office furniture in Russia.

For the present moment the most perspective goods for manufacturers and sellers of office furniture - furniture operative, intended for ordinary managers of the companies. Now requirements at buyers to such production are extremely high. The Russian firms which have left several years ago on the international level, have introduced concept of corporate culture that has certainly affected development of the market of office furniture in use. Before to order furniture in this or that firm, customers prefer to look round: visit the international exhibitions, analyze preferences of foreign buyers as the office of the modern Russian company should not differ on quality of an interior from offices of foreign partners
Recently the structure of demand in the furniture market began to vary. In near Soviet years the basic means were spent for conditions of cabinets of the heads, to ordinary employees were offered small-sized kontorki with a bedside-table and a chair by means of which to generate the personal space it is practically impossible. Now, from reasons of prestige, heads of firms improve operating conditions for employees, reducing thus charges on conditions of own cabinets. Cases of carrying out of tenders for deliveries of furniture among the trading companies have in parallel become frequent. We shall note what to buy steel better furniture, results of 2004 have shown, that on furniture for ordinary managers half of all sales of office furniture in Russia has had: 35 % - operative furniture, 13 % - camera armchairs.
The consumer became more skilled, professional and exacting, office interior for it - a condition of development of business.
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