Furniture exhibition in Izhevsk.

From May, 24 till May, 27th, 2005 " the Izhevsk expocentre " will lead IX All-Russia specialized exhibition to days of celebrating of the 245 anniversary of city of Izhevsk " Furniture. Derevoobrabotka ".
To visitors of an exhibition " Furniture. Derevoobrabotka " will be shown: soft and case furniture for the house; children's furniture; office, trading, children's, country furniture; furniture and accessories for bathrooms; a furniture accessories, napolniteli, accessories; unusual furniture to order, services, repair; subjects of decorative furnish of premises; design of an interior, a phytodesign, web-design; carpet coverings, porternye fabrics, jalousie, fixtures, lusters, fireplaces; mirrors, vases, pictures, hours, utensils; obivochnye materials, house textiles; the equipment for manufacture of furniture; derevoobrabatyvayushchee, lesopilnoe the equipment; a tree - bumagorezhushchy the tool; chemical processing of wood; interroom doors, windows; joiner's products, pogonazh; bumagodelatelnoe the equipment; lesozagotovitelnaya technics(technical equipment); overalls; services on repair and service of the equipment.
Also competition with nominations will be lead: " the Best furniture " and "Derevoobrabotka" , on the best production in the field of derevoobrabatyvayushchej the industries.
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