"evroekspomebel" and show of non-standard decisions in a technological complex " Global Edzh ".

On May, 18th upon termination of work of exhibition "evroekspomebel" at 16:30, buses with 300 participants will go directly from pavilions on " Show of non-standard decisions " to the Technological complex of Group of the companies " GLOBAL EDZH " which is all in 8 kilometers from " the CROCUS of the EXPO ", on crossing of MKAD and the Leningrad highway.
The working model of furniture factory placed in a show room " GLOBAL EDZH " where some tens operating machine tools for derevoobrabotki and manufactures of furniture are exposed will be shown to visitors: from lesopilnogo the equipment up to the hi-tech processing centers with CHPU.

Each person will have an opportunity to participate during creation as mass production (vagonki, a plinth, a baguet, a platband), and exclusive products. For example, on Italian processing center BUSELLATO JET it will be possible to make the three-dimensional image (from a portrait up to the text) on a wooden plane. And at a factory of the abrasive tool of company " LINER-íÑ½Ô ", it will be possible to open a secret sklejki an infinite grinding tape. Peak of presentation becomes creation of an image of the woman on... To a back of a wooden bed.

On presentation there will arrive heads and top-managers furniture, building and derevoobrabatyvayushchikh the enterprises. All participants of it show will receive the certificates giving till December, 31st, 2005 the right to the discount and on free-of-charge adjustment of the put equipment.

Organizers also will please visitors made on machine tools from " GLOBAL EDZH " with original souvenir products which will long remind about " Show of non-standard decisions " and unusual exhibition actions .

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