Office furniture becomes funtsionalnee.

Recently in Vilnius there has passed(there has taken place) presentation of new office furniture systems from Narbutas*Ko under name ITO Edition which have been developed together with known German design group ITO Design.
New production consists of three furniture systems - ito team, ito activity and ito gallery.

The system ito team approaches clients who highly appreciate stability, to tradition and quality. The height of tables can be adjusted to create a convenient workplace . The sizes of a surface of a table such, that it is possible to place conveniently all necessary office technics(technical equipment) and documents.

The system ito activity allows to change functions of furniture, it is created for clients who prefer novelties and exclusive style. This system is especially convenient to collectives where is present both individual work, and work at a command. Also together with this system Narbutas*Ko also has shown a novelty in the market of office furniture - the new terminal for an establishment of a computer - PC bridge on which it is possible to establish some monitors simultaneously. The design allows not only to adjust height of installation of the monitor, but also to turn it on 180 degrees. For the organization of meeting or assembly in the necessary zone of office, it is enough to remove(take off) only some developing portable desktops and to turn screens of computers in the necessary direction.

A series ito gallery is distinguished with pure and simple forms. It is pleasant to clients who prefer minimalism and ascetism. This furniture is intended for a workplace of the head of an average level. A new series is developed under the European standards of the form, materials by development of new systems strongly do not vary. For office furniture is a wood-shaving and древесно-fibrous plate, melanin and a laminate. The company does not paint metal, and makes napylenie , glass uses organic.

It was planned, that in 2005 Narbutas*Ko will begin creation of absolutely new office furniture, and here - has come to pass!

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