Room for the teenager.

The room of the modern teenager is a merge of a bedroom, a cabinet and library. Furniture should be as small as possible. To leave it is necessary only necessary and functional. For the beginning it is necessary to remove all bulky, and instead of it get something compact, it is better from plastic or glasses - these materials well pass light and create visibility of space. It is especially important, if a room which is updated, is absolutely small.
The the owner of a room is more senior, the more places are borrowed with its library and a working zone. Very important - correctly to organize this part of a room that it was possible to sit long at a computer without damage to eyes, books always should be near at hand, and the clothes to find room in wall cases and wardrobes.
Walls will accept pastel colors, and functional zones are better for accenting bright paints. This room should have good illumination, and at work behind a computer light should fall from the left party.
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